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Femme fashion Fancy a girl with lipstick and an eye for dresses and all things girly?

Or do you just want fashion tips while staring at pretty girls? Not just for clothes but a hub for food, drink, perfume, travel and much more.

A spokeswoman for Bush did not respond to an email from Business Insider asking if he has made any attempt to purchase Jeb Bush For or if he had any comment on Phillips and Rainwater's plans for the site.

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The LGBT Community and those who wish to reach out to it can now rally around this exciting new . As part of the business model of the dotgay LLC registry, non-profit LGBT organizations will recieve 67% of the profit generated in the sale of each . Do your part to give back to the community you love by helping to continue to spread advocacy and strength with each registration of a . Later on, we’ll contact you when it’s time to confirm your pre-order so you can claim it at launch.

GAY domain extension will be the definitive and intuitive link to LGBT content online. GAY extension was created to be a space for all to organize and interact in a way that is beneficial to the community as a whole. GAY extension will be a place for the business community, advertisers, media, and individuals of all time to exchange thoughts and ideas. GAY web address also represents a significant commercial potential for new domain extension development : After all, in the United States Alone, the annual buying power of the LGBT community exceeds $790 billion. GAY domain also offers Internet users a significant opportunity to develop the gay and lesbian community online. Pre-registering lets you express interest in an upcoming domain name early, free and without commitment.

The Lesbian Guide The title speaks for itself - this is probably one of the best lesbian blogs out there. Advice, photos, videos, humour, sarcasm, Ellen gifs, queer women aplenty.

Seriously, anything you need to know will probably be on that Tumblr blog.

Establish yourself as an industry leader and early adopter, enhance your online marketing, and differentiate your brand from the competition with a .

LGBT domain, the namespace dedicated to the LGBT community!

LGBT keyword they were searching for in the domain name and will feel comfortable having a place to turn to.

The future of the internet is new and precise domain names that give customers a taste of your brand before they even visit your website.

A gay couple have bought the web domain for Jeb Bush For and refuse to give it up, in a bid to raise awareness of issues facing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities.

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