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However, Kim and Jeff Wilson had struck a romantic bond, and Jeff was thus very inclined to lobby on her behalf.

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In the end, Jolanda's overbearing and assertive personality got her voted out in a 6-3 decision.

Ulong's willingness to sacrifice its only viable leader and inability to lead through consensus would become a trademark of the tribe's tenure as a Survivor tribe.

No criminal tax evasion charges were filed against Halmos, and no civil fines or penalties ordered.

Notoriously considered to be the worst tribe in Survivor history, the tribe is best remembered for failing to secure any tribal Immunity Challenge victories due to their indecision and communication improprieties, despite their raw physical strength.

For the next Reward Challenge, Ulong was asked to select a leader in order to create a bathroom at their camp.

After each member of the tribe balked at the responsibility, they all opted to go out fishing instead.However, the their strength did not reflect in the next Immunity Challenge.The extremely physical challenge, in which contestants carried sandbags around a circular course in shallow water, seemed tailor-made for Ulong's younger, stronger group of castaways.Thanks to votes from Janu Tornell, Jenn Lyon, and Katie Gallagher, Ibrehem was given immunity, much to the other Ulongs' chagrin.With their original target protected and no opportunity to decide on a replacement, Ulong's votes were confused and scattered, resulting in a 2-2-1 tie between Angie and Bobby Jon, with the one throwaway vote for James.When host Jeff Probst arrived and the tribe still had not decided on a leader, the host chastised them for their indecision.

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