Mobile al speed dating what do you mean by dating

With the power of Mixeo on your phone we’re so confident you’ll meet people that you want to see again.

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Mixeo is the only app of its kind and it’s exclusive to Original Dating.

Download Mixeo free for your i Phone, Android and Windows powered smartphones today and we hope to see you at a Mixeo event very soon.

A lot of people attend and there’s only so much time.

At our largest events Mixeo features a Photo Wall feature.

No more trying to remember who you met the next day.

If there is not adequate Wi-Fi at the venue we will supply you with a pen and scorecard to keep track of your dates.It works a little bit like another well-known dating app except this time everyone you see is at the same event as you.Work your way through the profile pictures ticking them yes, no or friend along the way. There’s never been a better chance of meeting your match at one of our parties powered by Mixeo. Speed dating app where you put your details such as age/ location and then matches you with someone to chat with with a button to pass if you want to meet the next one.Mixeo is the mobile app by Original Dating designed to supercharge your experience at our dating events like never before.New messages show as a notification on your phone so there’s no chance you’ll miss anyone. When you win the Mixeo app lets you know what you’ve won.

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