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In 1895, Central High School, at the corner of Lawrence and High Street was built and use of the Chilton Building was discontinued as the Girls High School. In 1899, the Boys High School, now publicly operated, was located in the same building as the Capitol Hill Grammar School on Union Street; the school building at the corner of Lawrence and High was known as the Girls High School.

The present building that originally housed Sayre Street School only dates back to 1891, but the Sayre Street site located at the corner of Sayre and Mildred Streets, has been connected with education since before the Civil War. Cox was a Protestant Methodist minister of Montgomery and was known to have been President of a female college in Montgomery. Pollock who later made famous Pollock and Stevens Institute of Birmingham, Alabama was also associated with the Montgomery college. Cox left some time after the Civil War and moved to Christiansburg, Virginia where he again associated with a college. It was first located on Felder Avenue at the site that later became the residence of Hon. Then two years after Mary died in Talladega in 1845, William married Musidora’s younger sister Elvira Frances, known as Ella, sixth in their family of ten children.

A private boys’ school, the Franklin Academy, was originally located at the Sayre Street School Site. He died some years later in Baltimore.2Chilton College was an institution for the education of girls and young women, established in Montgomery in 1866, by Mrs. The Chiltons, like the Sayres, their cousins, were a distinguished family with insufficient funds, so Miss Chilton founded the school to find employment.”After 10 years successful work. Chilton’s health failed, and she passed away October 1881, leaving her only daughter, Margaret L. Margaret was single over 21 and resided in Mansfield, Louisiana.

A judge has set a trial date for a police officer charged with murder in the shooting death of a man in Montgomery, Alabama.

A court order released Thursday says Aaron Cody Smith will go on trial Aug. A hearing in the case is set for a few days earlier.

Wide halls divide both floors with cross halls containing the two sets of stairs.

The staircases are adorned with turned newel posts and balusters. Four large classrooms with cloakrooms open off the halls on each floor.

In 1900, Decatur Street School opened and siphoned off a portion of Sayre Street’s student body.

In the realm of higher education, the Girls High School continued in the Chilton Building and a private Boys High School served older boys.

In 1888, the Committee reported that the increased enrollment at Sayre Street Grammar School necessitated the hiring of another teacher.

Frequent references were made also to the physical condition of the building and its need for repairs. Watts, Jr., urged the construction of a “handsome and modern” structure on the corner of Sayre and Mildred Streets.

At the end of the 1890 school year, on May 6, the Committee stated that the buildings within the system were “totally inadequate” for the demands and recommended that since there was more than enough land around the Chilton School for another building, the lots on Sayre Street with the “frame schoolhouse” be sold. In December, the property was sold with the stipulation that the school could continue to use the frame building until the end of the school year.

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