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Yes, both the AVCHD and HDMV versions of the AVS HD 709 calibration disc work on this player when burned onto DVD.

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Someone could produce a test pattern demonstrating the effect with and without, but I haven't seen one yet.

The sad truth is that Blu-ray and DVD use the same rather limited 8-bit greyscale and color gamut. Whatever setting you choose is automatically saved in Setup.

Note Subtitle shifting is a feature the Constant Image Height users like.

It can be used to shift subtitles out of the black bars and onto the image itself. Even though I use a simple flat panel without zoom, I find myself using the feature as well.

Deep Color (which ought to be called "greater than 8-bit color") provides a finer gradation of shades between the colors encoded on the disc.

It is conceivable that Deep Color might reduce banding in some images, although I never see banding in real films (as opposed to cheaply produced logos and fx screens).Obviously, your display must be capable of receiving a 50hz signal if you want to use one of those options.Frame rate conversion is handled by the ABT chip when Primary Output is set to HDMI, or by the decoder chip when Primary Output is set to Component.I don't know why this would be necessary, other than perhaps to minimize HDMI handshaking issues with touchy A/V receivers or displays.Changing output resolution during playback seems to work fine.The video processing engines inside the display feeding those display elements may also only do their math at 10 bits per component or even 8 bits.

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