Ms project work complete not updating

Given that MS Project lacks the logic to detect that a task at less than 100% complete, after the scheduled completion date, is not "slipping" -I propose a new question: What information does MS Project use to meet the filter requirements for a "slipping task"?Tracking your project and ensuring that it stays on target are the real guts of project management.This will push the start date out of the succeeding packages.

Once I've set up my baseline, I like to use the Tracking view to see schedule slippage (ie: is a project going to be "late"? The problem occurs when I'm updating the % Complete, but a task that was supposed to be complete (or in progress) has not been started yet, so I leave it at 0% Complete.

Project doesn't update the tracking Gantt, so you can't see that the project is "slipping".

The baseline will be a valuable tool to use as your project progresses, and after it completes, to compare how the real life of your project matched up with what you projected during the planning stages.

To save a baseline, click on Tools | Tracking | Save Baseline.

In Project, a baseline is a copy of the Start, Finish, Work, and Cost for all the Resources and Assignments, plus Duration for all the Tasks in your project.

Together, this data represents the state of your plan at the time the baseline is saved.

my suggestion is to use baseline dates and actual dates to show slippage.

When you have a critical path shown with predecessors MS project would show the impact of moving dates.

For tasks that are complete or partially complete, this works great - just fill in the % Complete value, and things jump around, showing you if you're ahead or behind schedule for the remaining tasks.

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