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Many different bulb types will work with this lamp.Because the bulb is not visible the option exists for this lamp to use an energy efficient LED bulb such as which is not only industrial but also provides a very minimalistic look.

In addition, in Philipsburg there is Old Street with attractive gift stores and art galleries, and Back Street with a colorful local market, souvenir shoppes, and inexpensive clothing. Maarten, Team Jewels By Love is passionate about the art of fine watchmaking. Call or email us for a detailed education on any topic within the world of fine timepieces.

Whereas the center and The West Indies Mall in Marigot are lovely shopping districts with old Créole houses, bistrots, bars, cafes, restaurants, fashion and designer boutiques and perfume shops. View details of our latest models at our Web Display."Jewels by Love - A Family Tradition" You will find the most valuable timepieces, backed by generations of experience and passion for horology here.

The light bulb is not visible from the outside of the light.

This makes it a good choice to use energy efficient LED light bulbs.

These lights styles are very versatile and offer a warmer light color often to accompany colorful rooms or rooms with a lot of wood such as the allen roth 17.75-in W Pecan Standard Pendant Light with Fabric Shade.

This is a great solution for a hanging light over a dining table because it provides a lot of warm light to the room through the shade and a brighter light underneath for eating or entertaining.

Maarten - Dutch Caribbean - Saint Martin - St Martin- French Caribbean - Tax Free Shopping - Duty Free Shopping - Shopper's Paradise - Jewelry - Diamonds - Watches - Liquor - Tabacco - Fashion - Beach Wearhe island has a well-earned reputation as a shopper's paradise.

Here you will find the best prices on local crafts & arts, exotic foods, jewelry, liquor, tobacco, leather goods, as well as most elegant designer goods. Designer brands are offered at great discounts, up to 40% lower than US retail are mainly two shopping areas on the island, chic Marigot on the French side and Philipsburg on the Dutch side, where Front Street features over a mile of shopping, mainly jewelry stores.

Having an idea on if you would like the room to be brighter, dimmer, or have a certain area lit more than another for instance will help you choose the perfect Allen Roth lighting solution.

Large pendant lights will cast a wider diameter of light.

Patek Philippe • Breguet • IWC • Vacheron Constantin • A.

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