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Equally important for north country economies is protection for dairy producers, who are being paid less for their milk than it costs to produce. Gillibrand opposes the Margin Protection Program, an insurance program to protect against these kinds of price drops, because it has not paid out money to many farmers despite the low prices.“I have gotten million in rebates to go right back to farmers who bought this insurance,” she said.

To replace the MPP program, she would like to see a base price for dairy, indexed to inflation, that will cover the cost of production. Gilibrand also sees the farm bill as an opportunity for economic development in rural areas — she proposed an amendment providing regional economic development funding to the farm bill — and for direct investment in infrastructure.“I put some money in the farm bill for rural broadband,” she said. Gillibrand said one of her greatest frustrations with the current administration is that it is not following through on its promised infrastructure investments, especially when New York state needs everything from an updated power grid and better local sewer systems to the afore mentioned last mile broadband.“There was a promise to invest in infrastructure, and it hasn’t been done,” she said.

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She has been pushing this bill — with support from senators like Ted Cruz, R-Texas and Rand Paul, R-Ky.

— for several years without success.“I just have to keep pushing this issue,” she said.

Gillibrand says that the agencies two tasks — homeland security investigations into terrorists and traffickers and more mundane immigration enforcement — have come into conflict.

The focus on removing undocumented migrants has both diverted resources from the investigative side, she said, and given the agency such a bad reputation that many municipalities refuse to work with it on homeland security issues.“I think you should abolish it, you should take out the two missions, put them under different jurisdictions,” Sen. “I think ICE has a reputational risk right now, it cannot do either of its missions well.”Referring to an incident in Rome in April, where a farmer, John Collins, alleged that ICE agents came onto his farm without a warrant to detain one of his workers as well as other roundup efforts, Sen.

“When you’re running for office, to be out all day meeting people is nice, it’s the way it’s supposed to be.”This trip to St. Molinaro thinks, is a disgust for the administration of Gov. Molinaro sees his job as opening up Albany, giving residents a better look into the capital and more control over their government.“I have a series of proposals that I think are probably among the most sweeping reform proposals of any gubernatorial candidate, meant to hold Albany accountable and to really return the power of state government to the people of the state of New York,” he said. Stefanik also appeared at the Conservative Party dinner along with a number of other state senators and Assembly candidates running with the Conservative Party endorsement.“I think his understanding as county executive of the unfunded mandates that are pushed down from the failed leadership in Albany,” she told the Times when asked about her endorsement of Mr. “I also think his focus on ethics reform is a clear contrast with Gov. Marc Molinaro also does not support the NY SAFE Act and understands it is unconstitutional.”For the dinner guests, Mr. Now she is gaining a reputation as one of the most consistently anti-Trump senators in Washington. Gillibrand, this is less of a turn to the left than a consistent history of advocating for common sense policy, bipartisan policy that helps New York residents.“I don’t think you can label a lot of these things as progressive, moderate, conservative,” she said during an hour-long editorial board meeting Friday at the Watertown Daily Times. Stefanik, R-Willsboro, although she said she plans to endorse her Democratic opponent, Tedra L.

Stefanik, R-Willsboro, at Maple View Dairy, and received the congresswoman’s endorsement. Molinaro sees these reforms as the concrete steps that the state can do to help dairy farmers, who are selling milk for a couple dollars less per hundredweight than it costs to produce.“That’s not the case in every state,” he said.

His solutions are fairly straightforward — reduce the burden of taxation and regulation from the state and increase transparency.“I want to focus on property tax relief,” Mr. “I think families, farmers, small businesses pay far too much in property taxes and the state needs to work to reduce property taxation... Molinaro, these solutions are interdependent.“We need to look at regulation and really develop a plan to make it easier for businesses and farmers to survive, and that means rolling back unnecessary regulation, it means recognizing not one size fits all, and it also means confronting corruption.”Mr.

Molinaro says there are a couple key issues for the north country — a lack of job opportunities, high property taxes, and the loss of young people to other areas.

“I think Fort Drum is well positioned for the next round of (Base Realignment and Closure Comission determinations).” The senator said she had talked to Maj. Walter Piatt, senior commander, Fort Drum and the 10th Mountain Division, about the issue of wind turbines around the fort.

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