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Nowadays, we can research most things and sometimes know as much as, if not more, than the seller.

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Granted, if someone acts shady before we’ve even met or we feel turned off by their profile (or our searching), it spares us from having to interact in real life.

But once we decide that we’re going to engage with somebody and possibly meet them, we are stepping into the same Great Unknown of getting to know someone.

What we look for or disclose about ourselves on dating sites/apps isn’t necessarily what we (or others) need regarding compatibility.

Instead of treating dating profiles as if it’s their relationship credit score based on facts, we must expect to perform due diligence.

We like to think we do because of the photos, the info we gather, plus the chatting before meeting up, but we don’t.

been possible to have “amazing” dates and never hear from them again.One of the reasons online dating is so popular is that depending on which site or app you use, daters can gather information up front about the suitability and attractiveness of a prospective partner.On the flip side though, many people find dating challenging due to feeling as if they can’t trust the information in profiles.To find the right partner and enjoy mutually fulfilling relationships, we have to correct any misunderstandings that our assumptions represent.When we’re waiting for the other shoe to drop or we know that we’ve ignored information but proceeded anyway, there’s always an imbalance.We’re always finding out more about those we love and care for (if we’re showing up and taking an interest).

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