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Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.First, you would need to start up an Open Sim instance with a blank region or one that you don’t mind losing (since loading an OAR will replace the entire region).

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For some wierd reason I thought that I had originally made that picture (from, but I see from the wiki history that you did it 🙂 Thanks very much for that.

A video of the process of saving and loading an OAR would be nice, if this is what you meant (but I know these things can be quite a bit of work, and it’s difficult to see fiddly console screens in videos). That’s interesting – in theory loading an oar that contained only assets should have worked, unlike the save process, the load process is completely synchronous and shouldn’t blow up if there are no scene objects (I presume you did execute load-oar rather than load-xml). v=2G5tsp Ay77M As you said it’s difficult to see console screens so I add some annotations.

For instance, you can’t currently save multiple regions in a single archive, or parcel information. Also, I’d be very interested in any links to people making their OARs publicly available.

In the long term the road map is to implement inventory archives as well as region archives – there is now considerable code that can be reused, and people such as Kayne have already contributed preliminary code.

Open Sim archives (OARs) are designed as a mechanism for transporting whole regions from one simulator instance to another.

This involves transporting not just XML information about the size and shapes of prims, but also the textures applied to their surfaces and the items (scripts, notecards, sounds, etc.) contained within them.The Region Console doesn’t like these quote marks, so you’ll need to make sure you remove them before hitting enter. I originally wrote about Opensim ARchives (OARs) back in October last year.Also, it doesn’t appear to like spaces in the path – even when escaped with a backslash, so save the files into a folder that’s free of spaces in the path. To recap, OARs are a way of saving an entire Open Sim region to a single file, which can then be […] Very interesting.So I see the problem primarily as one of destructively or additively with merging persisting a collection of objects and their relationships and loading this collection.In principle it would seem that any closure over a set of objects and relationships should be workable.Another tip – When loading, I often use drag and drop from the folder window of the download location to save a bit of typing.

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