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When updates to Virtualmin-related packages are available, they will be displayed on the System Information page that appears on the right-hand frame after logging in.

If you are currently running Open Indiana oi_147 or oi_148, the main publisher should be set to: For example, if your system uses the 'hipster-2015' repository, you need to update to the latest revision before updating to more recent ''hipster'.

If your publisher is set to a different URI, for example (the development branch), you can correct this with: The -n flag specifies to perform no action (i.e.

Artifacts in a remote repository can be accessed directly using the following URL: when requested by a client.

Therefore, a remote repository should not contain any artifacts in its cache immediately after creation.

To configure repositories, in the Admin module, select Repositories.

Repositories can be created, deleted, edited, ordered and aggregated.By default this option is disabled, to enable the Default Virtual Repository edit the '' located at $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/etc and set the following flag to Within each of these, the order by which repositories are queried is determined by the order in which they are listed in the configuration as described in General Resolution Order below.For a virtual repository, you can see the effective search and resolution order in the Included Repositories list view in the Basic settings tab. JFrog Artifactory 5.x User Guide Need help with other JFrog products ?JFrog Enterprise User Guide JFrog Mission Control User Guide JFrog Xray User Guide JFrog Distribution User Guide JFrog Bintray User Guide JFrog CLI User Guide Local and remote repositories are true physical repositories, while a virtual repository is actually an aggregation of them used to create controlled domains for search and resolution of artifacts.When creating any repository, you must specify its package type; this is a fundamental characteristic of the repository and can not be changed later.

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