Panther vs cougar dating

The cougars have adapted themselves to many varied habitats like lowlands, all kinds of forests, and mountainous deserts.

They prefer dense underbrush, precipitous canyons, but can survive in open areas too with little vegetation.

I'm 47 and proud of it...(everybody gets older) I consider myself equal...

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Their main food consists of deer, bighorn sheep, elk, horses, moose, domestic cattle, etc.

The cougars which are found in northern ranges also prey upon insects and small animals like rodents.

An exception is the Florida panther which feeds on armadillos and hogs too. The males leave soon after mating, and the females do all the parenting. The litter size is two to six cubs, and the mortality rate is high.

Young ones leave their mothers at the age of almost two.

The reason why it has so many names is because the mountain lion is widely distributed and found in a vast range.

A mountain lion has the greatest range compared to any terrestrial animal in the Western hemisphere.

Now I'm figuring out why I've been single so long.(always have had a big time fear of those cats)Cougar.... You hear about men being called single,stud,bachelor,etc...

And women are called names like ****,slut,whore,cougar's,etc. I've overheard men talking about Cougars, and they laugh..

A lot of us from the original social group of 130 people are now found on MSN in a community called Van Cougar.

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