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She has one sister, Nicky and two brothers, Barron and Conrad.She also attended a number of different schools before dropping out.

Paris hilton dating paris

Globe-trotting model, business magnate and DJ Paris Hilton was as busy as ever this year, hosting her Foam & Diamonds party (an all-night dance rager that, yes, ends with the audience soaked in foam) in Ibiza and debuting a new fragrance line. I feel blessed to be in a position where I can make a change for those less fortunate or give a voice to causes that need it. The most stressful thing about being me is that I have such a crazy schedule with all my business endeavors that I constantly have to be on a plane flying around the world. It was so claustrophobic that I could hardly breathe. Another very busy and productive year for both my music and my brand.

In honor of our Fandemonium issue, dedicated to exploring what makes fans go crazy and photos and stories go viral, PAPER styled Paris like you've never seen her before and talked to her about her Internet habits. I lived in Ibiza from May to September and performed every Saturday night at my Foam & Diamonds party at Amnesia. I'll be continuing to tour as a DJ and create new music, as well as opening new stores and expanding my cosmetics line and products globally.

I do have a team member to help me post things I want, but I mostly Snapchat, tweet and post on Instagram myself.

Paris Hilton (born 17.2.1981)Paris Hilton is an American celebrity, known primarily for her public appearances at social functions, as well as her television appearances and musical career. Paris lived in a number of luxury homes whilst growing up, including a suite in the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in Beverley Hills.

I also toured throughout the week, playing all around the world. I'm also opening another one of my real estate properties in the Philippines. Get glammed and dressed up in a beautiful sparkly gown.

When I was trapped in an elevator in China a few weeks ago.

Paris' grandfather, Barron Hilton, pledged 97% of his wealth to a charitable organisation that had been set up by his father, thus reducing his grandchildren's inheritance.

Modelling Career: Paris first started modelling when she was a child, mainly at charity events.

What is your favorite social media account: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or something else? I bought a "teacup pig." They said she would be no more than 15 pounds and she ended up being over 100.

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