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This quilt top has been created with totally unused fabrics, some dating back to the 1840s, and in wonderful condition.Since it is foundation pieced, this quilt top could be tied and not hand quilted. Some of these fabrics date back as early as the 1870s. The red and white calico pieces are apx 3 1/2 x 2 1/4 inches alternating with a black and white diminutive star print. Early 9 patch quilt top with blocks measuring 8x8 inches with 2 1/2 inch squares. Wonderful muted prints with earlier fabrics going back to the 1840’s. These 19th century fabrics are perfect for taking apart this top and creating your own wonderful design.All of these fabrics appear to be unused condition and have created a wonderfully happy cotton crazy quilt.

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Antique quilt tops are never washed until they are quilted, so this is in original, as found condition. most of the fabrics appear to be from the 1920s and 1930s. The quilt top must have been pieced by different women (and I say women because very few men were quilters), the reason for this is that some blocks are finished with a regular American basting stitch and some of the blocks are finished using a back stitch. The sashing around the 9 patch blocks and the joining blocks measure apx 3 3/4 inches in width.

One hexagon that I see is from the 1940s making it a 1940s quilt. Some of the thread used is linen, and some is cotton. The pieces are large enough that if someone wanted they could take it apart and make another design. The quilt top is machine pieced with a lot of wonderful 1890’s fabrics.

There’s an American flag flying over embroidered and dated initials, embroidery representing fireworks, probably representing the 4th of July celebration.

This piece is filled with Victorian symbolism and items important to a little girl's life. This huge mint condition quilt top is comprised of thousands of 1.25" hexagons.

All work is executed by hand with minuscule stitches. Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.

QT221 Star of David Folk Art Original Design with Miniature Stars of Bethlehem Quilt Top.This was created in the 1930’s with 1920’s and 1930’s fabrics. After 1929 depression, most fabrics were reproduced for many years after that.This piece is composed of hundreds and hundreds of 1/1/4 inch square.Because it is foundation pieced, one can easily finish it by using the tying method verses hand or machine quilting. This one of a kind Red Work Child’s Quilt appears to have taken 6 years to complete as it is dated 1904-1910.This special political, folksy Red Work quilt top has been created from 30 6-1/2” blocks joined together with a 3-1/2” red sashing.The reason for this is because the quilt top is machine pieced and the edges have been turned over and finished by machine. The plate is made up of 4 inch long segments with a 3-1/2 inch diameter peach circular center.

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