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For an overview of Android's backup options and guidance about which data you should back up and restore, see the Data backup overview.Note: For most apps, auto backup should be used to implement backup and restore.

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Prior to Java 1.5 if you need a Map implementation, which can be safely used in a concurrent and multi-threaded Java program, then, you only hav HM allows concurred read operations and the same time maintains integrity by synchronizing write operations.

We have seen basics of Concurrent Hash Map on Top 5 Java Concurrent Collections from JDK 5 and 6 and in this Java tutorial, we will learn: achieved by partitioning Map into different parts based on concurrency level and locking only a portion of Map during updates.

Default concurrency level is 16, and accordingly Map is divided into 16 part and each part is governed with a different lock.

This means, 16 thread can operate on Map simultaneously until they are operating on different part of Map.

By the way, if you are learning Java in Windows 7 operating system, You should still be able to set Java path and classpath in Windows 7 by following steps given here, because navigation steps for modifying environment variables on Windows 7 and Windows 8 are almost same.

For absolutely Java beginners, It's important to know What is Path Environment variable and Why do you need to set Path for Java?

By the way, if you are an absolute beginner and just starting with Java, then it's important to download the correct version of JDK based upon whether you are running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows 8.

just type javac command, this time, you will see different output which shows various details of java command rather than getting an earlier error.

So, you just bought a new PC or Laptop with Windows 8 operating system, and wondering how to set PATH and Classpath on Windows 8; Or, you might have just upgraded your windows 7 laptop to professional edition of Windows 8 and looking to set JDK Path to compile Java programs.

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