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The concensus among all of us is that that the only way the large pin would come out is to shear the smaller pin off.

The smaller pin can't back out becuase its tapered and held on by the ring gear.

The next day we got 5th gear apart, and found what was holding the tranny case on, it was a reverse bolt.

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The clutch is super super sweet even for a puck clutch. Turning is a lot more responsive, there is a little more resistance to turning but its hardly noticeable.

I cant feel any chatter, and its MUCH smoother than the stock one. I can take turns in excess of 40 MPH with no traction issues, and luckly it rained last night really bad when I was comming home.

And when I tried to take really sharp turns it kept traction.

As you can see from the pictures, the clutch was about to fall apart...

So at around we got to the transmission and started to take it apart.

We put a light weld on the big pin anyways, but we couldnt figure out how that smaller pin could shear off, but I guess it does. with a hammer, we started work on putting the 8 bolts back on the ring gear. Heres a picture of an input shaft on one side of the differential to try and put some torque on it as we put the bolts back in, at 90 ft/lbs of torque.

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