Ryan reynolds dating alanis morissette

One such conquest was Agnes Fischer, a low-profile, German model, who Reynold’s reportedly hooked up with on the set of .

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A few years ago, Ryan Reynolds was linked to Sandra Bullock, who was reportedly one of his many rebounds after his divorce from Scarlett Johansson.

However, Bullock said that they were not “romantically involved” and were “j” In an interesting turn of events, Scarlett Johansson reportedly gave her stamp of approval to the new couple.

A source said that she liked and respected Bullock a lot.

She also said she knew how much Reynolds wanted to be a dad and how much Bullock valued motherhood. On the last day of filming, Reynolds gifted Hart with a watch, which apparently was just the ticket to allow him to take her back to bed (er, the hotel room) where the two “made out.” Rather tame, but what did you expect from a teenage witch?

Apparently she didn’t take it well when he ended things, either.

Blake Lively is Ryan Reynolds current wife and 11 years his junior.

Their breakup announcement included a statement about how they are still “friends” (not really), but no other reasons were given. Kristen Johnston was another cougar (nine years his senior) that Reynolds managed to catch, despite the fact that she was at the height of her career in her hit show 3rd Rock from the Sun, and he was relatively unknown.

Alanis is now away from the spotlight and happily married. The relationship only lasted five months before they called it quits back in 1999. During their brief romance, the two did manage to attend a red carpet event together, a reminder to Johnston of what could have been. Sandra Bullock is a hot commodity in Hollywood (and also one of their highest paid actors - who knew? She has previously dated the likes of Ryan Gosling and Matthew Mc Conaughey.

The couple wed in September of 2012 and welcomed a daughter, James, in 2014.

Coming in at the number one spot is no other than Ryan Reynold’s former wife.

3 engagements and 2 weddings in the span of eight years, in fact. On second thought, “serial husband” might be a more apt description here.

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