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“My tweet was not naivety or immaturity.” Professor Mc Leod said last night: "It's a long-running thing that's getting more prominent about an idea that Gaelic is not a real priority.

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Twelve years ago Labour’s logic was to include Gaelic because Gaels were a minority Now it has members whose logic is to exclude Gaelic because Gaels are a minority. Labour activists, after all, are as likely as anyone else to become radicalised online.

Some will have been exposed to the gradual normalisation of anti-Semitic memes - even crude ones showing the “Jewish Masonic Conspiracy”, such as the mural Jeremy Corbyn now famously failed to register as grossly offensive.

Anti-Gaelic sentiment doesn’t attract as many headlines as anti-Semitism but neither are befitting of the Labour Party.” READ MORE: £500,000 funding boost for Gaelic media firm behind BBC Alba Last August, labour councillor for Edinburgh’s Colinton/Fairmilehead area, Scott Arthur, questioned whether expanding Gaelic medium education was a priority when tackling the attainment gap in the Capital’s schools.

Pavel Iosad, lecturer at the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences at Edinburgh University, said yesterday: “Labour did put through the Gaelic Language Act, but it’s not a very strong act.

He said: “There’s a very worrying trend of late of Labour supporters showing signs of intolerance to certain minority groups.

This might be just another manifestation of the wider problem…sadly I think there’s many within the Labour party that forget this, and some you are going down a very dark path.Adam Wilson did not like that national social security agency’s signage was in both English and Gaelic.So he chopped off the Celtic words and tweeted what was now a monolingual logo, saying: “This looks much better.” He later said he was joking. Tweet captured by the Twitter account @gaelicbingo There is nothing unusual about anti-Gaelic bigotry in Scotland’s polarised political cyberspace.Others, in the heat of the independence referendum, will have clashed with aggressive Yes supporters who put “Saor Alba” on their Twitter profiles even though they have no idea how to pronounce the old “Free Scotland” slogan in Gaelic.Some Labour unionists will have found themselves making common cause online with stauncher British loyalists with stronger, more visceral dislike of Gaelic. The party is full of champions of Gaels and other minorities.At the moment, I haven’t seen Labour being pro-active about Gaelic.” READ MORE: First anti-Semitism, now Labour faces a row over anti-Gaelic voices A spokesman for Scottish Labour said last night: “Labour has a proud track record of promoting Gaelic in government, including the 2005 Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act.

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