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Throughout history, a transition of the reserve currencies has always brought about turmoil and uncertainty in financial markets.

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By 1669, the VOC was the richest private company that the world had ever seen, with over 150 merchant ships, 40 warships, 50,000 employees, a private army of 10,000 soldiers, and a dividend payment of 40% on the original investment to shareholders.

Later, with the event of the Anglo-Dutch War, the spice trade was temporarily ceased and this caused a spike in prices for spices.

While the French debt was being allowed to reach staggering amounts, the British, meanwhile, were engaging in an Industrial Revolution that would set Britain apart, creating, in effect, an empire “where the sun never set.” The 1789 French Revolution was essentially a response to a financial crisis that had become debilitating.

After a decade of internecine bloodshed and civil war, the French found a new leader under the young general, Napoleon Bonaparte.

It was then the turn of the Dutch, whose rise to global power was largely aided by the creation of the first multinational corporation in the world, the Dutch East India Company (VOC).

The Dutch defeated Portugal and Spain in global economic importance and positioned themselves to profit from European demand for spices.Today the US dominates the land, sea and air with their overbearing military reach in 130 countries.However, the landscape for war is once again changing.However, it was only after the Bretton Woods Conference 1945 that the US dollar officially became the world’s reserve currency.Each country that rose to ultimate global dominance of commerce declined due to an over-saturation point.Fast-forward to today, and there is a remarkably similar situation for the US.

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