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Favorite authors (for their bodies of work) include Mark Twain, Kurt Vonnegut, John Fowles, Elswyth Thane, James Herriott, Michael Connelly, John Grisham, Lee Child and Larry Mc Murtry.

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Favorite actresses: Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, Kerry Washington, Audrey Hepburn, Meryl Streep, Barbara Stanwyck, Veronica Lake and Emma Stone.

My top guilty pleasures among films include (by Harper Lee).

It was held annually at its beginning, in the mid-1990s, and then took a break of three years, and then a break of another seven years.

Then boom, boom, boom -- three straight years with inductions -- and then four off, and three off, and most recently a break of two years.

dessa, NY, July 18, 2018 -- I wrote another column for this space -- one that rambled on and on, and that I ultimately found boring, and that I jettisoned.

It had to do with the state’s decision to put the kibosh on the proposed LPG storage in abandoned salt caverns deep along the western shore of Seneca Lake.

(My annual visit to Bois Blanc Island in northern Michigan should help me recharge.) I won’t be much good to anyone if I push too hard and collapse -- which is basically what I did on that back deck: collapse. As long as my mind is sharp and my health holds, I will keep going ...

I subsequently got a fairly clean bill of health from the doctor, but he also reminded me that old age comes to us all, and with it diminishing wells of energy. on a trajectory that has now entered the second half of dessa, NY, June 24, 2018 -- The game is afoot.

Her name came to my attention when someone nominating her asked if I could be used as a reference. So, the number of females that I and various readers have spotlighted is growing: Belle Cornell, Jane Delano, Dr. I’m sure there are others who merit consideration from both genders.

Blanche Borzell, Carol Bower, Kate La Moreaux, Angeline Franzese, Barbara Halpin, Queen Catharine, Judy Phillips, Glenda Gephart, Georgie Taylor. But the count right now is 39 men and 5 women in the Hall of Fame. ****** I recently watched one of those wonderful black-and-white classic films -- "Meet John Doe," a Frank Capra-directed gem starring Gary Cooper as the title character and one of my favorite actresses, Barbara Stanwyck.

The search is on for Schuyler County Hall of Fame nominees.

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