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Two of the individual tornadoes killed well over 200 people each.(12 significant, 3 violent, 11 killer) Produced a deadly tornado family in Mississippi that killed 63 people.(27 significant, 3 violent, 10 killer) Second-deadliest continuous tornado outbreak in US history.

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Produced numerous violent tornadoes in the Southern United States and Great Plains, including an F5 in Nebraska.

One long-track tornado killed 143 people alone in Louisiana and Mississippi. Outbreak was produced by a large and dynamic storm system.

Produced five violent tornadoes across three states, one of which was an F4 that destroyed the community of Floral, Kansas.

Another F4 that hit near Hopkins, Missouri, may have been an F5.

Killer tornadoes touched down from Texas to Pennsylvania.

Produced at least three F5 tornadoes and several F4s, including an F4 that killed at least 255 people and injured 1,236 in the St. Tied with the 2011 Super Outbreak for fourth-deadliest US tornado outbreak.Other deadly tornadoes hit Missouri, Illinois, and Arkansas including an F4 on May 9 that devastated Poplar Bluff, Missouri, killing 98 people.(32 significant, 8 violent, 17 killer) One of the most intense outbreaks in US history, produced 10 violent tornadoes.Deadly tornado outbreak killed at least 146 people across the Midwest.An F4 that struck downtown Louisville killed 76 people alone.(11 significant, 5 violent, 7 killer) Among largest known outbreaks ever recorded.

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