Sexy roleplay chatbot

If more than two responses are a good fit, or if no responses work, will randomize one.

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Since when did Netflix become gendered, let alone “girly”? “I'd say you're like a solid 8...well, at least your body.” “How come women can't seem to take a joke? But the remarks didn’t nag me the way they usually do.

Actually, they triggered both laughter and anger, and maybe it was because this time they didn’t come from a person. Its name is, a web application that simulates conversations women might have with men in online and offline situations.

Any time you send a message, an algorithm parses it for keywords and compares them to all of’s responses.

The more your keywords match a response, the more likely that’s the response will use.

You know, the dude who’s creeping on you at the bar or messaging you on Tinder until you unmatch him.

is like Smarter Child of the AOL Instant Messenger days, except he responds to you with pickup lines, back-handed compliments, sexual advances and the repertoire of an unaware misogynist.

That message addresses the landscape of interactions between men and women, particularly the way men speak to women.

For women who experience these conversations, might seem unnecessary.

It takes far too long given the simple actions I want to take.

Forget about calling them; they’re busy when open and I only seem to notice when I need a haircut when they’re closed.

For men, it's a chance to see what it's like on the other side.

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