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There are tons of pick up bars and clubs in this area so just look for ones with good girl to guy ratios.Some specific ones you may want to check out are Volar, Deja Vu, and Dragon I.

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Plus there are some easy targets that you should know about.

The local girls can be pretty conservative, but there are lots of girls from Southeast Asia working here.

As is standard in most places around the world the best place to meet Hong Kong girls during the day will be at shopping malls.

There are many really nice malls in this city so you can pick up the one that is closest to you.

Some that we might suggest to meet women are: But you really can’t go wrong at any of them.

You should be discreet when approaching girls in Hong Kong at the mall, guys have reported getting hassled by security for doing so.

Of course with how expensive it is to go out and party here it might actually be just as cheap to visit a walk up brothel as to buy a girl a few drinks.

This men’s dating guide will talk about some good places to meet single girls in the day, in the nightlife, and also mention the best online dating site.

Some good pick up bars to look for are Dada Bar and Eyebar.

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