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It is helpful when they can recognize their own loneliness, discomfort and pain in other people’s stories as well.”When putting together the updated version of my book , Ms. Ask out someone who is a legitimate interest or at least a romantic question mark for you. As the rock song goes, “What’s your name, little girl, what’s your name? While reading this I got the idea of creating a personal dating website for the particular university and that can be used by their respective different streams of students.

Don’t wait for your soulmate to fall out of the sky. If college starts to teach how to date then they need a practical platform too right?

It will soon be available on DVD and streaming services and will include a study guide for use in classrooms and group settings.“I was really relieved and happy after seeing the finished product,” says Ms.

Cronin, who appreciated the fact that the film is ultimately driven by story and humor.

On April 17 Professor Cronin’s small social experiment hit the big screen with the release of “The Dating Project,” a documentary film that features Ms.

Cronin and her students as the foundation for an exploration of dating in college and beyond.

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