Tom brady dating girlfriend

who just proposed to his smokin' hot model girlfriend with a diamond that's bigger than her knuckle!! However, Lexie's father Stefano Di Mera (Joseph Mascolo) switches the infant at birth with Bo and Hope's (Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso) son. So, the baby is instead taken home by Bo and Hope Brady and named John Thomas, getting his names from family friend John Black (Drake Hogestyn) and Hope's late grandfather Tom Horton (Mac Donald Carey).

When Lexie's father Stefano Di Mera hears about the news, he is over joyed at the prospect of finally becoming a grandfather and asks that Abe and Lexie adopt the child of one of his distant relatives. For the longest time, Zack is known as Isaac Theo Carver, the long-awaited and much-beloved son of Abe and Lexie Carver.

For years the two had tried unsuccessfully to have a child of their own with no success, until Lexie's father, Stefano, got them in touch with Marlo, a young pregnant woman.

Bonnie marries Mickey Horton, after his wife is murdered by a serial killer in 2003. Bonnie escapes from prison in 2017 with the help of Hattie Adams and Angelica Deveraux.

Bonnie takes over the life of her look-alike Adrienne, whom she impersonates.

Abe and Lexie adopt the baby that Marlo has given birth to, unaware that Stefano had switched Marlo and Hope's sons.

Zack dies on January 1, 2006, after being run over by Bo's SUV, which is driven by his daughter, Chelsea.Judi Evans, who previously played Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis took over the role and is the most notable actress to play the role.Evan played Bonnie from September 1, 2003 to March 1, 2007. Bonnie is known for making her daughter, Mimi Lockhart's life miserable.Angela Moroni was portrayed by Ayda Field from late summer of 2000 until March 2001.Angela Moroni is the daughter of Vincent Moroni, an Italian mob boss.She was introduced during Brandon and Sami's quest to get the tape back with Kate forcing Roberto to confess to the murder of Franco Kelly.

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