Twitch and katee dating

(Maybe it’s better that we don’t know.) Basil said she loved it and Murphy screams something about the two best dancers in the competition but I’m not sure because I’ve escaped to the kitchen for more Ben and Jerry’s.Will jumps and slides through a really great James Brown-inspired solo. They jump out, knocking over the desks, and pop their way through a routine while the “teacher” is out.

Then Katee and Twitch bounce through a cute Tyce Diorio choreography to “Sweet Georgia Brown.” Lythgoe comments that Twitch is the least trained dancer but yet rises to every challenge. Murphy yells that they’re fantastic and Basil intones that because Twitch comes from the street, he dances from the inside out.

Katee, she says, has more of a personality problem since she has to find inspiration from outside and this time, she needed to rough it up more to match the vocal in the song.

It was, however, interesting to hear her story about being a street dancer and being helped along by her brothers.

She went to a performing arts school but hated the ballet and jazz classes. Since she’s in the first slot, it’s a sure sign that the producers think she’ll be gone soon.

He doesn’t look big enough to lift her up that way but kudos to her too for nailing the landing and making it all look good. (Please don’t throw things unless it’s a few marshmallows for my ice cream.)Dmitry Chaplin, a finalist from season two, choreographs a tango for Chelsie and Joshua.

The judges liked it although Murphy didn’t reach a high decibel mark. It has a 1940’s feel and it briefly uses a chair and a table as a prop.I’d say that it keeps him in the competition but given who he’s up against, I’m not so sure.Courtney and Will do a slow hip-hop dance put together by Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo. Murphy reached record setting decibels screaming about exploding emotions.It includes a hot kiss and effectively uses a door as a prop.I think it’s damn wonderful and so do the judges with Lythgoe wondering what’s going on inside Mia’s head.I’m convinced a herd of wolverines attacked her just before coming on stage and tore most of it off. (More than 1,000 decibels and that means she loves it.)Comfort solos next and gives us her best.

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