Updating chassis serial number in bios Free passwords for adult dating sites

| | /CA ["String"] Read/Write Chassis Tag number in Type 3. The expression enclosed by [] means it is an optional field. A command without parameter means it is a read command. A command with necessary parameter means it is a write command. | | /CO [4 Bytes] Read/Write Chassis OEM-defined value in Type 3. | --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Manufacturer: White Box Manufacturer Model: White Box Model Serial Number: White Box Serial Number Asset Tag: Asset Tag Motherboard: ASUSTe K Computer INC. EXE /CA "Asset Tag" AMIDELNX /CA "Asset Tag" DMIDOS. Information in this document is subject to change without notice.

Updating chassis serial number in bios

| | /SF ["String"] Read/Write System family in Type 1. EXE /D 03 08 "Asset Tag" *Note that this only works for some versions of FLAS-HIT.

| | /BM ["String"] Read/Write Baseboard manufacture in Type 2. This is from V6.06.05 (10/31/07) (Really from 2009).

| | /BS ["String"] Read/Write Baseboard Serial number in Type 2.

| | /BT ["String"] Read/Write Baseboard Asset Tag in Type 2.

| | /SS ["String"] Read/Write System Serial number in Type 1.

| | /SU [16 Bytes] Read/Write System UUID in Type 1.

Most tools need to run from DOS (as in a bootable floppy or USB key).

EXE /CAT "Asset Tag" So that should cover most everything.

| | /CV ["String"] Read/Write Chassis version in Type 3.

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