Updating intellisense slow

Hope this helps, Scott I installed VS RC on two machine : Win 7 (My personal Lap Top)& Win XP SP3(Office machine) .In first I have no problem in later Intellisense is some times very slow.Intelli Sense will then be turned on and work fine.

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Once we have intellisense, auto-complete and error checking on our own code, it is natural to want that awesomeness also for the 3rd party libraries we use. After spending way too much time on that, my suggestion is not to do that: Due to the dynamic nature of Java Script many libraries include various dynamic return types and arguments.

Some libraries might have type information built in, for most, however, we need to use the external repository. Type Script is very powerful and you will most likely be able to express these types, but writing them and reading them will be challenging.

For some things, we copy snippets from Stack Overflow to see how they work with out code, for others, we’d like to use some new npm library and see if it helps.

Type Script, on the other hand, likes us tread slowly.

It is especially jarring to do so only to discover that your idea doesn’t work and you have to delete everything.

So Type Script is probably a bad idea when prototyping.If it doesn’t exist, we can create our own (and even add it for the other to use). For example, consider these types from Lo Dash to the flat Map function: Due to this complexity when you do have type errors in your code, the error message will be just as complicated to understand.When the library changes, your types would need to change as well.It then enables Intelli Sense using its own mechanism.We’ve heard reports of a few people running into this – and since the behavior is pretty confusing we are modifying the profile import behavior with the final release of VS 2010 to avoid it.The solution that worked for me was to disable Type Script’s type checking in Webpack config: If you’re using Fork Ts Checker Webpack Plugin then you’ll need to comment it out as well.

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