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(I chuckled when I noticed Apple put “cloud” in quotes in Leopard’s version of the Mobile Me preference pane.In Snow Leopard and Lion, the company used simplified language: “Mobile Me is the simple way to keep everything in sync on your Mac, PC, i Phone, and i Pod touch.”) Unlike i Cloud, Mobile Me was a paid service.

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Apple pitched them as a great way to share photos with family members and close friends.

A user could password-protect a gallery and even accept submissions from other users.

It really did feel like the future had arrived to i Phone users who were used to syncing this data via a USB cable.

Mobile Me was more than just emails and other personal data. Mac, as explained on the Mobile Me product webpage: When your friends and family visit your Mobile Me Gallery, they’re in for a show.

Scrubbing the cursor across a gallery offered fast thumbnail previews, just like in i Photo.

As beautiful as they were, these web apps couldn’t compete with services like those from Google.

If you edited a contact’s information on your i Phone, you could sit it down, log into your PC, and that new phone number or email address would be waiting for you in Microsoft Outlook.

In his demo, Schiller even showed calendar invites appearing on the screen while in the i Phone’s calendar application.

As Schiller demonstrated in several different ways in the keynote, Mobile Me kept all of this information updated, on all of a user’s devices, in real time.

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