Validating scale measurement credibility

Drift is removed from the MVS calculations by correlating the absorbance measurements from a Plate Reader with those made by the reference spectrophotometer at the Artel Laboratory, which is traceable to national and international standards.

validating scale measurement credibility-31

The statistical sampling plan and test method provide measurements representative of each well in that particular plate lot.

The MVS Sample Solutions are prepared by Artel and conform to rigorous performance specifications. As shown in the table below , each of the different Sample Solutions is employed to cover a designated target volume range.

Identified sub-scales were found to have high construct validity, internal consistency and test-retest reliability.

This tool will facilitate the measurement of the potential consequences of using websites containing different types of material (scientific facts and figures, blogs, experiences, images) across a range of health conditions.

Branding research has largely focused on consumer goods markets and only recently has attention been given to business markets.

In many business markets the company's reputation has a strong influence on buying decisions which may differ from the more specific product related influence of the brand's image.The plate reader was selected for inclusion with the MVS because of its robust performance and reliability.The reader measures the absorbance values from each well of a 96-well plate at two wavelengths in approximately two minutes.The MVS Data Manager software guides the user through the verification procedure and retrieves the data from the Plate Reader and Bar Code Reader.The data are used to determine liquid handler performance relative to set targets and pass/fail tolerance limits. The data output is automatically stored in a database and can be easily exported for further use in other commercially available software programs via HTML or XML formats.Compatible with virtually all automated liquid handling systems and multichannel handheld pipettes, the Artel MVS sits on a mobile workstation for portable, rapid calibration, verification and optimization of volume precision and accuracy.

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