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After more than nine hours, Nora returns, and is touched by Barney's persistence.A few weeks into dating each other, Barney is proving to Nora that he is boyfriend material as he sends flowers and chocolates to her at work and even goes there himself to serenade her.

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Disgusted, Nora says Marshall is just as perverted as Barney and slaps him.

It is interesting to note that Nora did not recognize Marshall despite having known each other from her relationship to Barney.

The next day, on Valentine's Day, Barney is at the laser tag tournament and turns to find Nora there.

Robin, Barney's original partner, convinced Nora to take her place, which is how Barney wound up on a date on Valentine's Day for the first time in his life.

Robin gets really jealous, so she recommends Nora to Sandy to go to France to cover a story as Robin conspires to use those three days to lure Barney back to her, but things take a turn as Nora returns early, and Robin realises that she shouldn't try to sabotage their relationship.

She ends up assaulting a girl who is obsessed over Barney after giving her directions to the restaurant where he was dining with Nora.

They redo their second date later, once Barney is feeling better.

She reveals that she wants to one day get married and have children, and Barney tells her he wants the same thing, and the two have fun planning how their future home might look.

She kicks Marshall in the nuts when he tells her he is Barney's friend.

Agonizingly, Marshall asks Nora to slap him in the face.

On their date, Barney lies to her about breaking his neck.

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