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It was no good, not just for me but her man as well."On top of that my girl was in line to see me, because it was Valentine's Day and I was living in the gallery for the duration of the event—we were separated for five days, no communication.So it really hurt her as well, as I guess the news of it travelled through the line.

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co-star Cary Mulligan for about a year between 20 now appears to have been a great stabilizing force in his life, because La Beouf didn't make any headlines for bad-boy behavior while they were together.

In February 2011, however, a few months before hit theaters, La Beouf ended up in handcuffs after getting punched during a bar fight in Sherman Oak, Calif.

La Beouf penned an essay for the 2015 book , featuring stories from celebrities who had been in jail (as well as recipes they had actually tried behind bars), in which he said that he'd been to jail five times—the first time being when he was 9 and spent six hours in custody for shoplifting a pair of sneakers. 2 was when he was 11 and had shoplifted a Gameboy from K-Mart. 3 came when he was 20 after he (this was news) tried to stab his neighbor.

(He just told interruption."When I'm nervous in my creativity, I think of my failures in life and in art," he wrote.

He had seemingly written the essay, however, before his sixth trip to jail following his October 2015 arrest in Austin, Texas, for public intoxication.

He was booked but ultimately just released on his own recognizance.

"Nowhere did we state that people could do whatever they wanted to Shia during #IAMSORRY," Turner tweeted. This is the kind of s--t that makes a person abusive!

He explained that the woman in question ran away, for those who were wondering why she wasn't arrested or otherwise detained. ""If I'd have stayed there, I would have killed her," La Beouf then told the small group of people he left the scene with in a car, which then took him to the airport.

There are lessons in life I need to learn, and I'm learning all of them in front of the public."At the time, though he was a veteran actor, it was still a little early on to consider his comment about being in "a strange mind state" coming off "a three-month window of focus" to be vintage Shia. In March 2008, La Beouf was ticketed for unlawful smoking in Burbank, Calif., where you simply can't smoke on the street.

His lawyer appeared on his behalf and, after the actor was reportedly fined 0, the case was dismissed.

The films were eventually met with mixed reviews, but La Beouf—who throughout reports of his peccadilloes was still holding his own as a fine young actor—had already lined up the World War II drama came out in October 2014, however, La Beouf embarked on his personal artistic blue period, where seemingly everything he did had a social statement attached to it, or at least he liked to think it did. Later that month he set up shop for five days at a gallery on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, where fans (and not-fans) waited in line for hours for a chance to face a silent La Beouf, again with a bag over his head, and try to provoke a reaction from him. Word on the street was that he was shedding a tear or two, and if made to cry he would lift up the bag to show you.

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