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After her elementary school, she went to a private high school in Los Angeles. I., attended an elementary school in Atlanta, Georgia.

She was an average student at her elementary school, according to her biography.

In fact, Zeboe has been out of prison since Niq was a little girl — and they spoken many times since then. Zeboe for getting my facts wrong, but the call ended abruptly with Zeboe saying, “talk to my daughter” about the status of their relationship.

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He chose his words carefully — explaining that he and I are “from different worlds.” (I took that to mean he doesn’t read the blogs.) Zeboe respectfully requested that his name be left out of topics of conversations on the blog, and that he didn’t have anything to prove to my readers.

Zeboe was referring to my post from yesterday wherein I wrote that he hadn’t spoken to his daughter since his release from prison.

given to him at the time of his birth is Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. His weight is somewhere around 65 kilograms, which represents a good weight for his height of 1.73 meters. This performance sparked questions if the group will be returning.

is 1.73 meters, which is a good height for an African-American male person. was born to parents Clifford "Buddy" Harris, Sr., his dad, and to Violeta Morgan. On December 31, 2017, OMG reunited to perform as a special guest during Zonnique's opening set on the Great Xscape Tour with Xscape.

The birth year of Zonnique Pullins, who is the stepdaughter of the famous musician T. Her biography states that her place of birth is Los Angeles, California. On January 3,2018 the group updated their Facebook page.

At the moment, Zonnique Pullins is 20 years of age. Fans are still wondering when OMG will announce the official comeback.

Last night I spoke briefly by phone with Zeboe Pullins, the father of Tameka “Tiny” Harris’ 16-year-old daughter, Zonnique “Niq” Pullins.

Zeboe called me to set the record straight about his relationship with his daughter, whom he loves dearly.

Zonnique Pullis was born to parents Tameka „Tiny“ Cottle, her mom, and to Zonnie Zebo Pullins, her father. is not Zonnique's real dad, she likes to call him her daddy. Bahja was also known as the lead singer of the group.

Her mom, Tameka, underwent divorce with Zonnique's dad shortly after her birth. Zonnique doesn't have brothers and sisters of her own, but she does have two stepbrothers and one stepsister. However, after a well accepted online search, during which time the group’s fourth single "So Official" was released, Breaunna Womack became the group's newest and third member due to finding her on a You Tube video dancing to Beyoncé's song "Ego".

The height of Zonnique Pullins is 1.65 meters, which is an average height of an African-American person of the female gender. A few months later, the OMG Girlz' second single, "Haterz" (stylized as .

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