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If we don’t stand up, if we allow racism to overpower sport, we will be doomed to existence in a hostile world.” The former prisoner of Robben Island during South Africa's apartheid revealed that this is a quest that Mandela's legacy lives on in, with its inception dating back to before the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™.

“We all took the decision to fight racism – not just in sport, in the whole world.

Utima, an Angolan registered Company, has been formed within the context of a wider mission to contribute significant returns to its shareholders as well as a wider constituency of Angolan War Veterans.” Parekh went further to introduce Reliance Limited, an Indian private company that was ‘supporting’ Oakbay’s bid for oil concessions.

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“To date there is no global, centralized and coordinated leadership in this battle in all sport.

That is what’s missing and this is what Global Watch will provide.” Sexwale also hopes the upcoming summit will allow for discussion on the tricky issue of how to tackle offenders.

Like his American Apprentice counterpart, Tokyo Sexwale seems to know so well how to play the public and the media.

It is called realignment of positions to suit the prevailing trends.

When condemning state capture, should we only be concerned with that of our own and not the neighbours’?

Other than being caught in their lies, the other thing politicians don’t like is being reminded of past events.

Just ask the head of forensics department at ENS Africa, Steven Powell.

Powell has extensive knowledge of white-collar crimes.

State capture is as deplorable across borders as within.

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