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The Kurain Channeling Technique, which was given less attention in the previous games, becomes the focus of the entire plot as the entire series ties together for an epic climax.

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The bonus 5th case of the first game took advantage of the touch-screen and mic on the DS allowing for more in-depth investigations on evidence, which is used in later titles in the series that require a system with a touchscreen. A live action movie directed by Takashi Miike was released in theaters in Japan in February 2012 based mainly on the events of the second and fourth cases of the game.

The eponymous first game of the series chronicles Phoenix's first cases, Mia's death, and Phoenix's first battles with prosecutor Miles Edgeworth and his abhorrent tactics, culminating in a fierce face-off with Edgeworth's mentor, the legendary Manfred von Karma. An anime adaptation began on April 2, 2016 that focuses on the first two games of the series.

The good news is that once you spot the trends, you can work at reversing them.

In the study, Barna cites 5 specific reasons Millennials have stopped attending church that drew my attention: Yes, I know. But the Barna study groups all three reasons together as one reason.

The aforementioned extra case, , ties the plot with the second series together. The second game, , introduces von Karma's prodigal daughter, Franziska von Karma, out for revenge after the events of the first game.

The game features a new element known as Psyche-Locks, where the player is able to break characters' metaphorical "locks" that enshroud secrets that they hide.

The game plays out in a Visual Novel style through the perspective of Phoenix Wright during investigation sessions, where the player can talk to other characters, present evidence, and find clues to build up their case.

Usually the next day, court begins, where the player cross-examines witnesses to find contradictions, eventually forcing the real culprit to confess.

The Nintendo DS games were ported to the Wii as downloadable titles on Wii Ware, featuring a modified, Wii-specific control scheme that permits the use of hand gestures with the remote.

A further Updated Re-release featuring all three games was released for i OS and Android in February 2012 Japan and May 30, 2013 in all other regions, targeted primarily at the i Pad and replacing the pixel art in the GBA and DS games with scanned versions of the original character drawings (entitled in English).

It’s more than possible to create a counterculture of integrity and grace.

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