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They read, after all, rather like a classical parable.

The Icarian ascent to Hollywood after he was cast, with only a few professional acting credits, in Joel Schumacher’s acclaimed Tigerland (2000), hailed as the 'next great actor of his generation’ and leapfrogged into roles opposite Tom Cruise in Minority Report and Al Pacino in The Recruit. In 2004 he was slated for his lead turn in Oliver Stone’s lumbering Alexander, after which his self-medicating escalated into full-scale self-annihilation on the cursed set of Michael Mann’s Miami Vice two years later.

It didn’t help that his paragon of Irishness was poet Brendan Behan, notorious for drunken interviews and incendiary aphorism. Everything was magnified: the opportunities I had, the money I earned.

So the smokescreen [I created] was magnified: it was the one true consistency I had. If you build a dam, water becomes a bigger version of itself. ’ Farrell stepped off the blockbuster juggernaut, taking the slow train back to the top, rebuilding his confidence in independent films – mostly playing soul-scorched men struggling to extricate themselves from erstwhile sin and addiction.

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Please do not post inappropriate comments, this is a friendly forum for fans.This surrealist comedy, which imagines a totalitarian state in which singles are given 45 days to find a partner or be turned into an animal, is inspired.Set in a chintzy hotel, the film examines society’s emphasis on coupledom, and digital-dating mores in which genuine connection and commitment are all but extinct.Having mistaken Farrell and me for a couple, he performs a darshan blessing to calculate our compatibility – apparently, I am very good for him. 'Do not tell the secrets in your heart so easily.’ This feels less of a message from the Hindu gods than from Farrell’s long-suffering publicist.Farrell nods gravely, and stops short of rattling out the rest of an anecdote about his drug-fuelled youth, which begins, 'I used to love an eight ball,’ his eyebrows tilting like slashes of black marker pen.He rose from the ashes of rehab a dedicated father to his son James (with model Kim Bordenave), born in 2003, who was diagnosed with the developmental disorder Angelman syndrome.

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