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The verdict was; “Death from convulsions, superinduced by loss of blood following circumcision; further we find that the operation was rightly performed.” (Online Archives of the New York Times) _______________________________________________________ Baby Boy Greisman died November 29, 1903 following a ritual circumcision by Isaac Halpern.Bleeding was profuse, and Halpern applied carbolic acid, which caused acute disease of the kidneys. 1 JEWISH INFANT’S DEATH The Globe Toronto, December 1, 1903, p. Body will be exhumed for an inquest Child of Louis Greisman died after circumcision-Jacob Halpern performed the operation.The child, Myer Jacob Levy, (whose parents reside at No.

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A KNIFEMAN murdered his lover by slashing her throat in a shopping centre car park, witnesses said.

The woman, in her 20s, screamed and honked a car horn in a desperate cry for help after a man reportedly slit her throat.

Abrams, of Bleecker street, who performed the operation in the usual manner.

A few hours afterwards it was discovered that the bandage was displaced and that the child was bleeding profusely. Abrams was recalled, but his efforts to stop the hemorrhage were ineffectual.

"He was in a bit of state so people didn't want to approach him." Police has earlier said: "Kent Police is currently attending the dockside area, Maritime Way in Chatham following a report of a serious assault.

"Officers were called at 11.03am on Thursday 29 June 2017 following reports a woman had been injured.AN INQUEST, which it is expected will have far-reaching results, will be opened to-night at police headquarters on the body of the infant son of Louis Greisman. Johnson will apply to the Attorney General for an order permitting an undertaker to exhume the remains.The child died on Sunday night at 49 Chestnut Street and was buried yesterday in the Jewish Cemetery on Pape avenue. Had the remains not been buried the inquest would have been opened last night.Police said the victim and suspect are believed to be known to each other.Eyewitness, Michelle Hextall, told uk: "The woman was screaming and bibbing the horn to get attention. Didn't appear to resist arrest." Michelle added: "I'm a bit shaken by what I've just seen.The attacker was leaning on the bonnet of police car in front. Blood on T-shirt." Police have confirmed that the woman suffered injuries "consistent with a stabbing and died at the scene".

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