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It’s either a blessing or a curse, depending on how you look at it.

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Maybe then, we can finally learn to love radically, heroically and recklessly — the way we should.

Two pharmacists contacted the USP Practitioners' Reporting Network about the lack of information concerning expiration dating on vials of Aplisol (tuberculin purified protein derivative, diluted), manufactured by Parkedale Pharmaceuticals, after the vial is entered.

You don’t get to find out why your story ends; you don’t have the chance to cheat, or lie, or grow apart.

Life swiftly intervenes and brings things to a screeching halt. What are you left with, besides the "what ifs" and the "if only's"?

Since the timeline has been pre-determined for your relationship, you’re free to be more honest, more open and more authentically you.

You don’t have to play it cool in the beginning, or hide your flaws, or panic when he or she doesn’t respond to your text messages.

The label will be changed in compliance with FDA when notification is received.

Product concerns may be reported online by calling toll free 800-4-USP PRN (800-487-7776).

The package insert states, "Vials in use more than 30 days should be discarded".

There is no mention of this limitation on the vial or on the box.

Maybe the lesson is simply that we should approach all of our relationships as if they have expiration dates.

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