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Within a few days, that tropical wave had raced in an almost beeline shot across the Atlantic Ocean, quickly becoming a Tropical Depression; then soon after, became Tropical Storm Amanda - the first storm of the 2009 season as she came within a few hundred miles of the Dominican Republic.

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My husband and I had been divorced for nearly four years, all three of my children were either grown and gone or away visiting their father for the summer and I hadn't gotten a good piece of ass in what seemed like decades. And as if all this weren't enough, Mother Nature seemed to be suffering from a serious case of PMS herself.

Even though the sun was shining bright and there wasn't a cloud in the sky at the moment, the breeze was starting to pick up.

Landfall was projected to be at around am tomorrow morning, June 27th, anywhere from the west end of Galveston Island to Beaumont.

With the very early whisks of Amanda's mighty winds whipping through my salt and pepper, shoulder blade length hair that I had pulled back into a ponytail, I rounded the final corner of my usual afternoon jog and was now heading for the parking lot.

Immediately the radio blared forth with yet another news report about the approach of Hurricane Amanda and the mass exodus going on all around me.

Having been raised along the Gulf Coast, hurricanes are nothing new to me. My name is Audrey Thompson and I was born in Cameron, Louisiana on June 27, 1957; the very day that Hurricane Audrey made landfall right on top of us.

Try riding out a hurricane like Andrew when you're nine months pregnant and have two other young children in the house with you.

After my husband and I divorced in June of 2005, I moved to New Orleans to live with my sister Carla for a while with my then fifteen year old daughter Wendy.

I took a bottle of water off the drivers' seat and took a few sips as my breathing began to slow.

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